Nov 20 2007

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Welcome,The freshly aquired “Carpe Diem”

This page is mostly about the travels of Carpe Diem a Tartan 27 and her captain Matthias but will also include updates about myself even away from the boat. It not only starts with the acquiring of the boat, I will also document some milestones in my recent life to show you how I got there. So please come back frequently and check on the progress of Carpe Diem.

Since the title of this website suggests world travel I thought it would be a good idea to create the content in several languages. I am German myself but have spent the last 18 years living in the United States of America so the major part is now in English but I’m working hard on translating everything into German. Every new post will be in English as well as German. Maybe I will add some Spanish and French later.

The freshly painted “Carpe Diem” in Indiantown May 2007Now people will say:”A 27 foot boat! Isn’t that much to small?” There have been other people around the world with a Tartan 27 before me. Probably the most famous is Russel Cobb with “Hygelig” and so many more in even smaller boats. Also the way I look at it the smaller the boat the easier it is to handle.

So if you think this sounds interesting, join me on this journey by visiting this site and I also would love to here from you at

Matthias Klemm
March 26, 2006
Hobe Sound,FL

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