Jan 04 2008

Still in the Berkshires

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2008-01-04-001.jpg2008-01-04-002.jpgSo here I am still up north in the middle of the winter. Last Sunday I moved into an appartment next door that Hartmuth and I had fixed up so we could now work on the one that I have been staying in so far.

We did an expansive job on all the floors throughout the appartment and installed also wall tile in the bath. It came out really nice and I enjoy living in it very much.

2008-01-04-003.jpg2008-01-07-005.jpgMy last job for the winter in the Berkshires is dragging along (even with Carters friendly help) and I just started setting the first tiles.  There is still 3 baths, kitchen, laundry room and entry way to do. Ananda will arrive from California soon and agreed to help some with the tile work. Also Fiona started to help after Christmas.

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