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Feb 18 2006

My first (and last) power boat

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Free powerboat hullThat was exciting! For the first 60 minutes or so then boredom sets in fast. Though I have to admit it is fun skimming over the water at 3o kts.

New floorFor me it was more fun restoring it and that it did need a lot of. The boat was sitting on a trailer on the side of the road displaying  a “for free” tag. My boss dragged it in to the shop because he wanted the trailer and offered the boat to us. First a guy from the sail loft Sewalla wanted it but then changed his mind and let me have it.

FinishedThe condition of the boat was rather daunting but it didn’t scare me the least since I was looking for some project because winds were rather strong lately to go out sailing weekend. All it needed was an engine including controls, a new floor, lights and lots of paint.

At the dockFirst of all I picked up a used 25hp Johnson outboard that should drive the boat along nicely. I found at a dealer in West Palm Beach for $300. It just needed some paint and fresh decals on the cover and a lube job.

The whole floor was totally rotted out and basically it just needed sweeping out. I laminated to scribed 2×6 as stringers inside to the hull  that would also receive the new 3/4″ marine plywood floor and would serve as support for Maiden voyagethe center cockpit. The plywood was then tabbed to the hull which turned the  void into a watertight chamber except for the two openings for the engine control cable. I covered the new floor with fiberglass and  and coated the entire inside of the boat with off white pigmented epoxy. The bottom part also received a non-skid additive.

Pecks LakeThe deck had lots of wholes that I patched with fiberglass, faired and painted. After that I painted the hull navy blue and installed a new rub rail. I still had a set of one lever Morse engine controls that came in handy. The cables hooked up nicely using some off the shelve connectors. For the position and steaming lights I chose Aqua Signal Series 22. Then I installed some teak on the bow and the cockpit seat.

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