Nov 04 2008

Blogging with the iPhone

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Finally there is a WordPress client for the iPhone and I hope I will take advantage of this so this blog will be
more uptodate.

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May 13 2008


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New Marlborough.gif

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May 07 2008

Oh boy!

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Broken fuel pump at Green Cove Springs Marina on the way to

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Mar 10 2008


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Wait, I’ll get the anchor ready!

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Jan 22 2008

Visit to Haverford Pennsylvania

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Yesterday I dropped off Ananda in Haverford at her school after winter break. Because it was so cold and my trusty old Astro Van’s heater doesn’t work so well anymore, I decided to get a rental car on the way at the Hartsford-Springfield International Airport in Bradley Conncticut. Though I made reservations online the day before, Enterprise car rental was 2008-01-23-001.jpgnot able to supply us with a car. We got one at Budget a couple of blocks down the street even without a reservation and a fine one it was. The Chrysler 300 was all we were hoping for. Not only was it absolutly stylish but it felt like it was glued to the road and it was a great joy to drive.

We arrived in Haverford at 3:00 PM and unloaded the car. Then we went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and took a tour through the Haverford College campus. I noticed that the whole Haverford area is comprised of an eclectic mix of building styles. Very interesting.

On the way back I got stuck in traffic for at least 45 minutes at the George Washington bridge in New York City. The stretch I-91 between New Haven and Bradley had the least traffic of the entire day and it was almost relaxing driving the last part of the day.

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Jan 04 2008

Still in the Berkshires

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2008-01-04-001.jpg2008-01-04-002.jpgSo here I am still up north in the middle of the winter. Last Sunday I moved into an appartment next door that Hartmuth and I had fixed up so we could now work on the one that I have been staying in so far.

We did an expansive job on all the floors throughout the appartment and installed also wall tile in the bath. It came out really nice and I enjoy living in it very much.

2008-01-04-003.jpg2008-01-07-005.jpgMy last job for the winter in the Berkshires is dragging along (even with Carters friendly help) and I just started setting the first tiles.  There is still 3 baths, kitchen, laundry room and entry way to do. Ananda will arrive from California soon and agreed to help some with the tile work. Also Fiona started to help after Christmas.

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Dec 25 2007

Christmas in Lee Massachusetts

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2007-12-24-002.jpgIt got a little bit warmer (just above freezing) today after some really cold weather and one snow storm chasing another. On Christmas Eve it was raining cats and dogs and most of the snow melted.

2007-12-24-001.jpgAll of the care packets from Germany arrived and I diving in moutains of Milka.

Today I prepared 10 Rouladen just for myself. Now I am curious how long they will last.

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Dec 08 2007

Water Hot Dogs

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Floating hot dog standYou get to see this floating hot dog stand on the weekends at the entrance to Manatee Pocket on the Saint Lucie river in Stuart Florida. People actually stop here after going fishing on the Atlantic all day. I haven’t had one yet so I couldn’t tell you if they’re any good.

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Nov 25 2007

iPhone and WordPress

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Desk in LeeRight now I’m spending too much time trying to figure out how to post text and pictures to my blog using the iPhone. Anyone got that going yet? I’m starting to give up on it.

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Nov 20 2007

Hello world!

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Yes, hello world!First snow in Lee Massachusetts November,20 2007

Finally I have decided to become full fledged member of the internet age society by starting my own web log.

Right now I’m suffering from the SMS (Seasonal Misplacement Syndrome). I really should be in Florida right now, enjoying Carpe Diem and the mild winter there. Instead I’m shoveling snow in Lee Massachusetts. Though it certainly has it’s upsides since I decided to stay home today and upgrade my website with this new feature.

I also decided to add some milestones from my recent life.

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