Oct 26 2007

Puddy Cat passed away

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Puddy Cat and Cutie Pie 3 weeks oldPuddy Cat was with me since June 2001. He was very affectionate and had a wonderful cat life. I got him and his sister Cutie Pie from Harmuth and Fiona in May. For the first 4 weeks they stayed with Mary and Ananda in Philmont New York and moved in with me in Sharon Connecticut. He always had a cat door and made good use ofPuddy Cat in Sharon Connecticut it. He was also very generous sharing his catches with me, thank you very much. Last year he got badly mauled by a coyote while we were staying in New Marlboro Massachusetts. Puddy Cat was in bad shape. He was on Antibiotics and painkiller for weeks. After that accident he had lost a lot of energy and spent a lot of time just laying on my lap. Puddy Cat thenCutie Pie and Puddy Cat onboard “Carpe Diem” in November 2006 stayed mostly inside until we moved back to Indiantown Florida were he loved to stroll around the boatyard. In November 2006 we all moved on to Carpe Diem which was not a perfect situation, so I decided in December to bring them both to my sister in Lacrosse. There they stayed in my Argosy travel trailer. After New Years Cutie Pie disappeared.

I feel very sad to have lost them so soon.

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