Jun 13 2007

End of this voyage

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Position: 29.9833°N 81.6493°W     Green Cove Springs Florida

Log: 468

Today we probably had our earliest start ever. Lines were off at 0700. This was because I wanted to take advantage of the incoming tide and not had to steam against the upriver current. The Saint Johns River is wide all the Leaving Jacksonville Florida on the Saint Johns Riverway to Green Cove Springs and we had the sail up for quite some time. We tied up at Green Cove Springs Marina and called my sister to pick us up. Then we packed in the sails, rinsed off the decks and ran extra spring lines to keep Carpe Diem safe at the dock. Doris arrived at 1800 and we headed straight to Lacrosse.

Puddy Cat was happy to see Will and me again and we all moved back into the trusty old Argosy which was smelling a little bit from all the feral cats going in and out while I wasn’t home.

GoogleEarth tour of Carpe Diem’s voyage of 2007

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