Jun 09 2007

Change of plans

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Position: 30.7185°N 81.5525°W     Saint Marys Georgia

Log: 336

Today I still didn’t feel like leaving Saint Marys quiet yet. I kind of enjoy life at the dock. Will needs to go home though. Well, maybe it would be good to mention now that our plan was originally to sail up to Long Island Sound. At the pace we’re going right now we won’t arrive until fall. It din’t take much talking to come to a solution. We will be taking Carpe Diem to Green Cove Springs on the Saint Johns River in Florida which is about an hour from my sister Doris home in Lacrosse Florida where I will be storing Carpe Diem to do some more outfitting.

But first we will go back to Brunswick to visit Peacemaker one more time not only because I left my hat there. Otherwise it was hot but leisurely. At least we have enough beer.

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