Jun 08 2007

Many friendly people in Georgia

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Position: 30.7185°N 81.5525°W     Saint Marys Georgia

Log: 336

According to the locals Saint Marys was never hit by a hurricane. Maybe that’s why everone is so friendly here. No hurricanes – no grieve.

GuanahaniAfter some initial figuring out on how to get John’s schooner Guanahani to Brunswick we end up leaving with hesitation because John doesn’t know nothing about his boat nor does he have a chart plotter, functioning depth sounder, current charts, a working compass, the knowledge about the size of his fuel tank or how much fuel is in there. Anyway we were leaving the dock only after he was stressing how easy the route is to Brunswick and that one didn’t really needed any charts, just keep her inside the channel markers. I refused to take on any responsibility but promised to help him today.

We cast off the dock at 1230 only to realize that either the boat was totally underpoweredCapn Will or the underwater portion of the hull was loaded with aquatic growth. We were making hardly any headway under engine power. Once turned out of Saint Marys River onto the ICW all sails went up and also did the speed. Will and I did a fabulous job sailing John’s boat while he was watching us. The sail was pleasant all the way to Jekyll Island were we ran aground because of a missing channel marker. John called his friends in Brunswick to pick Will and me up because it was getting late. John decided to stay with Guanahani until Sea Tow arrived. The tug showed up within minutes and we were to watch how powerful those things are. Shortly after John’s friends arrived and took us to their home, a three masted bark named Peacemaker docked in Brunswick Georgia. They were the nicest people and even fed us before driving us back to Saint Marys.

We turned in right away.

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