Mar 29 2006

It is official

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Carpe Diem has a new guardian. Today I gave Pat the rest of the money and we went together to the town clerk to get the bill of sale notarized.

The freshly aquired “Carpe Diem”Now I have weekends of hard work in front of me because Carpe Diem had been sitting at the Indiantown Marina boatyard in Florida for the past 5 years and had collected the rainwater from the past hurricanes. Though Pat had done a wonderful job on the gunwales, he forgot to install a gar board plug which prevented the rainwater from draining. Also the collected rainwater together with the Florida heat produced a thick coat of mildew all through the cabin and last but not least the water level was high enough to enter the engine through the air intake. Still the boat is solid and well worth the money and I can’t wait starting the work.

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