Jun 05 2007

The great Atlantic

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Position: 28.9462°N 80.2266°W

Log: 179Heading north in the Gulfstream

Anchor was up at 1030 and we locked immediately. We steamed out the locks and headed straight for the great Atlantic brimming with excitement but also being somewhat nervous. The Ocean loomed before us deep and endless. We sailed for a short time before the winds would die and the heat sunk in. And then it hit. As we pitched about in the calm, sails luffing, the knot meter at about 0.3kts, a black cloud set in on the horizon. Love bugs! They swarmed onto Carpe Diem in biblical proportions, the deck and the dodger were black with them. I swatted them wildly Ohio Shoals buoywith my hat and danced a jig in the cockpit to keep them off my skin. We started motoring and some time after the black plague was not able anymore to keep up with us. Matthias tried to cleanse the boat of the remaining ones. The wind picked up to a steady 10-15kts and we sailed under main and poled out genoa rounding the Ohio Shoals heading north under fair skies.

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