May 21 2007

Launch of the updated Carpe Diem

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Position: 27.1993°N 80.2612°W     Stuart Florida

Log: 18

Five days on the hard wasn’t time enough to complete the long list of jobs Matthias had written up. However it was enough time for us to make many improvements on the lovely Carpe Diem. In fact, many people in the yard commented on how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time. Not only was Carpe Diem‘s bottom painted a vivid red and her hull a faded, pastel blue but also she received four new chocks, an anchor roller, twoThe freshly painted “Carpe Diem” in Indiantown May 2007 grounding plates, a windsteering vane. Also we made improvements in the galley.

With Bremen as her new home port, we hoisted an American courtesy flag, set the flag of Bremen as the captain’s flag and now fly a larger (but not large enough according to Matthias) German flag off the back stay. We launched at 1040 with the ship’s log at 0 nautical miles. Sadly there were east winds and we were unable to sail unlike last week when the wind was with us and we had a glorious run from Southpoint to Indiantown. Although we weren’t able to sail, it sure was nice to get off terra firma, say goodbye to the mosquitoes and feel the wind again. We reached the Saint Lucie Locks at 1330 with the ships log at 12 nautical miles. Due to the drought, the locks next opening wasn’t until 1600 so we tied up and took a nap. We arrived at the Southpoint Anchorage in Stuart Florida at 1740 with the ship’s log at 18.

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