Oct 26 2005

Hurricane Wilma makes me change my plans

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“The Green Gecko” after hurricane WilmaI was supposed to start work at Mack Sails on Monday October 24 but that’s exactly the time Wilma decided to hit Florida. Doris and Paul advised me to stay in Lacrosse until Wilma is gone.

The other problem was that I left the boat in Hobe Sound and I was afraid it would get hurt. The park manager suggested to fill the boat with water that would take care of it, he had done that in past hurricane situations. At that time I was still not expecting a direct hit. As it turns out the path of the hurricane is just a Toppled trailers in Hobe Sound after hurricane Wilmacouple of miles south of Hobe Sound but there was absolutely no damage to my boat. That water really did the trick because other boats and trailers around it toppled over.

Anyway I arrived in Hobe Sound and will start work tomorrow. No electricity though but the neighbor has a huge generator and he let’s me plug in.

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