Aug 20 2005

Home Improvements

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Original very dark ArgosyHaving the trailer at the Kinderhook storage I hadn’t accomplished too much and I felt very happy when I was able to move the Argosy next to the house I am staying at. After removing the front couch and dining table and taking up the linoleum floor in the trailer I discovered some rot in the sub floor right underneath the water tank. In that area I installed  new plywood and took care of the cracked water tank.  The bathroom sub floor was in excellent shape and I set the tile right on top of the plywood with modified thinset mortar and a latex additive in the grout. The rest of the floor was done with a hardwood parquet which was a major improvement compared to the dark linoleum. It is much brighter now inside.

Improved ArgosyThen I  installed some cabinets covering the water tank and a desk with a pullout dining table. The kitchen received a new butcher block counter top and a new refrigerator. On the outside most of the clearance lights were replaced, some dents pulled out and I installed a load balancing system. On Ebay I found some very pretty wheel covers and put those on. Even the cats have their own door after I discovered that one of the outside storage hatches have access to the inside underneath a bunk. I cut a hole in the hatch and installed a regular cat door in it.

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