Oct 14 2005

Heading south for a new future

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At a gas station in GeorgiaYesterday I left Hartsville at around noon and took a break in North Carolina and arrived this evening at my sister Doris in Lacrosse Florida. It was good to arrive to a rather sunny weather and civil temperatures. It was getting cold up north and I often had to turn on the stove at night. The cats were doing great during the trip because they had the trailer for themselves to roam around and not being locked up in a carrier the whole time. I could see them often in the large front window through my rear view mirror. Once we arrived I let them out right away and they had a ball playing tricks on Doris elderly dog Norman.

Cutie Pie and The Green GeckoIn Georgia I took advantage of a truck wash and shined up the Argosy. What a difference! Though some of the roof vents didn’t withstand the powerful stream of the nozzles and we took on quite some water.

Argosy in Lacrosse FloridaIt didn’t take long to level the trailer and hook up water and electricity. What a treat after having to use the generator and lugging all the water for quite some time. The only problem posed some fire ants that found the cat food inside the trailer in no time. Nonetheless I’m very happy to be here though it feels funny at times changing my existence rather drastically.

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