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Nov 25 2007

iPhone and WordPress

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Desk in LeeRight now I’m spending too much time trying to figure out how to post text and pictures to my blog using the iPhone. Anyone got that going yet? I’m starting to give up on it.

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Nov 20 2007

Hello world!

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Yes, hello world!First snow in Lee Massachusetts November,20 2007

Finally I have decided to become full fledged member of the internet age society by starting my own web log.

Right now I’m suffering from the SMS (Seasonal Misplacement Syndrome). I really should be in Florida right now, enjoying Carpe Diem and the mild winter there. Instead I’m shoveling snow in Lee Massachusetts. Though it certainly has it’s upsides since I decided to stay home today and upgrade my website with this new feature.

I also decided to add some milestones from my recent life.

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