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Jun 06 2007

Empty pantry

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Position: 30.3333°N 80.5265°W

Log: 275

Capn Will navigating the great AtlanticLast night Will took on the first night watch until 0230 and I did watch until 0830 where I got to see the most glorious sunrise in my live. There was flying fish to watch and accompanying dolphins playing with the wake of Carpe Diem. During my watch I was able to trim the sails so thatDolphins playing with “Carpe Diem’s” wake she was able to steer herself, which made for a leisurely second part of the watch. Night sailing under jib only is wonderful. Wind died at noon and picked up again in the evening. We were running dangerously low on beer, so we decided to head into Staint Marys Georgia. At 1820 we started heading northwest.

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