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Jun 16 2007

Making home in Lacrosse Florida for a while

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Will is heading home and I brought him to the airport in Gainesville. The truck to transport Carpe Diem to Lacrosse won’t be available for some time and I’m making second plans. Doris told me about a German deli in Gainesville and I’m leaving a lot of money there. Some good food. Otherwise I’m staying busy mowing the grass and fixing my van.

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Jun 13 2007

End of this voyage

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Position: 29.9833°N 81.6493°W     Green Cove Springs Florida

Log: 468

Today we probably had our earliest start ever. Lines were off at 0700. This was because I wanted to take advantage of the incoming tide and not had to steam against the upriver current. The Saint Johns River is wide all the Leaving Jacksonville Florida on the Saint Johns Riverway to Green Cove Springs and we had the sail up for quite some time. We tied up at Green Cove Springs Marina and called my sister to pick us up. Then we packed in the sails, rinsed off the decks and ran extra spring lines to keep Carpe Diem safe at the dock. Doris arrived at 1800 and we headed straight to Lacrosse.

Puddy Cat was happy to see Will and me again and we all moved back into the trusty old Argosy which was smelling a little bit from all the feral cats going in and out while I wasn’t home.

GoogleEarth tour of Carpe Diem’s voyage of 2007

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Jun 12 2007

Downtown Jacksonville

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Position: 30.3242°N 81.6617°W     Jacksonville Florida

Log: 445

Narrow channels all the way to the Saint Johns River. Once we turned onto the river notdowntown-jacksonville.jpg only the wind was with us but so was the current. We had a great sail all the way to downtown Jacksonville. There we tied up at the free public dock right next to hundreds of restaurants, bars and retail stores. Mexican food again but not even close as good as yesterday’s.

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Jun 11 2007

Not much new

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Position: 30.6706°N 81.4657°W    Fernandina Beach Florida

Log: 408

Headwinds all the way to Fernandina Beach. “The Little Blue Engine That Could” performs beautifully even against 5 kts of current that we encountered crossing the Saint Marys inlet over to Amelia River.

We tie up at Fernandina Beach City Marina which is the most presentable marina I have ever been to but so is the price. After tidying up Will and I go downtown to grab dinner and at least I had the best Mexican food in my life so fare. Maybe because I haven’t been to Mexico yet.

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Jun 10 2007

Another glorious day on the ICW

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Position: 31.1413°N 81.4962°W    Brunswick Georgia

Log: 372

SV “Peacemaker” in Brunswick GeorgiaSailing back to Brunswick felt wonderful because we know this stretch of the ICW now. Even missing channel markers can’t confuse us anymore.

We especially enjoyed the sights of Cumberland Island this time because Carpe Diem is so familiar to us now and she almost steers herself through the thick buoy jungle.

Seeing Peacemaker in daylight was even more of a sight. This time we were also given a grand tour on all of her decks and through her humongous belly. If you thinkShroud diving Carpe Diem has to many lines, you have to see the running rigging of this beast. Will was invited immediately by a few younger fellows that live aboard to some yard diving. I decided that I’m to old for that.

Yard diving WillAfterwards Will and I were invited to participate in a celebration for a couple that was leaving the community. We had lots of food and some great insights into community living. Again I was very impressed by the hospitality of the people around here.

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Jun 09 2007

Change of plans

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Position: 30.7185°N 81.5525°W     Saint Marys Georgia

Log: 336

Today I still didn’t feel like leaving Saint Marys quiet yet. I kind of enjoy life at the dock. Will needs to go home though. Well, maybe it would be good to mention now that our plan was originally to sail up to Long Island Sound. At the pace we’re going right now we won’t arrive until fall. It din’t take much talking to come to a solution. We will be taking Carpe Diem to Green Cove Springs on the Saint Johns River in Florida which is about an hour from my sister Doris home in Lacrosse Florida where I will be storing Carpe Diem to do some more outfitting.

But first we will go back to Brunswick to visit Peacemaker one more time not only because I left my hat there. Otherwise it was hot but leisurely. At least we have enough beer.

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Jun 08 2007

Many friendly people in Georgia

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Position: 30.7185°N 81.5525°W     Saint Marys Georgia

Log: 336

According to the locals Saint Marys was never hit by a hurricane. Maybe that’s why everone is so friendly here. No hurricanes – no grieve.

GuanahaniAfter some initial figuring out on how to get John’s schooner Guanahani to Brunswick we end up leaving with hesitation because John doesn’t know nothing about his boat nor does he have a chart plotter, functioning depth sounder, current charts, a working compass, the knowledge about the size of his fuel tank or how much fuel is in there. Anyway we were leaving the dock only after he was stressing how easy the route is to Brunswick and that one didn’t really needed any charts, just keep her inside the channel markers. I refused to take on any responsibility but promised to help him today.

We cast off the dock at 1230 only to realize that either the boat was totally underpoweredCapn Will or the underwater portion of the hull was loaded with aquatic growth. We were making hardly any headway under engine power. Once turned out of Saint Marys River onto the ICW all sails went up and also did the speed. Will and I did a fabulous job sailing John’s boat while he was watching us. The sail was pleasant all the way to Jekyll Island were we ran aground because of a missing channel marker. John called his friends in Brunswick to pick Will and me up because it was getting late. John decided to stay with Guanahani until Sea Tow arrived. The tug showed up within minutes and we were to watch how powerful those things are. Shortly after John’s friends arrived and took us to their home, a three masted bark named Peacemaker docked in Brunswick Georgia. They were the nicest people and even fed us before driving us back to Saint Marys.

We turned in right away.

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Jun 07 2007

Stormy night

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Position: 30.7185°N 81.5525°W     Saint Marys Georgia

Log: 336

Last night Will took on the first part of the night watch while the swell and wind was building. Because of our new course we had to point much higher which made the ride rather uncomfortable. After a while Will even tied himself up in the cockpit. During my part of the watch the wind shifted even more to east so that I was not any longer able to keep our course. Now the waves were becoming more and more confused because of the shifting winds and I decided to start the engine to be able to make it to Saint Marys. Will relieved me soon and I gave him the course to steer. We didn’t make much headway against wind and waves. 4 hours later I wake up only to find out that we were way to far south of St.Marys inlet and we had to change course to NW. At 0700 we were sighting the first light and were relieved though it was taking us another 4 hours to reach the inlet. Once inside we missed the turn for Saint Marys River. Meanwhile there is all sorts of commotion going on. Helicopters in the air, Coast Guard gun boats everywhere. Shortly after we were witnessing why. A huge submarine was entering the inlet.

At around 1200 we tie up to the dock of Lang’s Marina. Will is crashing below and I take a walk to register at the marina office. Afterwards I enjoy some warm breakfast at the local diner and take a long shower afterwards. Back at the boat Will and I have a couple of beer to celebrate the ingeniously mastered landfall. While enjoying the dockside conveniences a man named John stops by and we are beginning to talk. It turns out he recently bought a steel schooner named Guanahani just a few boats down the dock and needed some help sailing her to Brunswick Georgia a few miles north of here. We are making plans for tomorrow. He also had some friends with a car that took us to the next grocery store so we could bunker some more beer and food.

We ended the day with a few more beers and totally enjoyed the night in our not-so-much-moving-anymore bunks. I felt very thankful of Carpe Diem taking us to a safe harbor after a rocky night.

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Jun 06 2007

Empty pantry

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Position: 30.3333°N 80.5265°W

Log: 275

Capn Will navigating the great AtlanticLast night Will took on the first night watch until 0230 and I did watch until 0830 where I got to see the most glorious sunrise in my live. There was flying fish to watch and accompanying dolphins playing with the wake of Carpe Diem. During my watch I was able to trim the sails so thatDolphins playing with “Carpe Diem’s” wake she was able to steer herself, which made for a leisurely second part of the watch. Night sailing under jib only is wonderful. Wind died at noon and picked up again in the evening. We were running dangerously low on beer, so we decided to head into Staint Marys Georgia. At 1820 we started heading northwest.

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Jun 05 2007

The great Atlantic

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Position: 28.9462°N 80.2266°W

Log: 179Heading north in the Gulfstream

Anchor was up at 1030 and we locked immediately. We steamed out the locks and headed straight for the great Atlantic brimming with excitement but also being somewhat nervous. The Ocean loomed before us deep and endless. We sailed for a short time before the winds would die and the heat sunk in. And then it hit. As we pitched about in the calm, sails luffing, the knot meter at about 0.3kts, a black cloud set in on the horizon. Love bugs! They swarmed onto Carpe Diem in biblical proportions, the deck and the dodger were black with them. I swatted them wildly Ohio Shoals buoywith my hat and danced a jig in the cockpit to keep them off my skin. We started motoring and some time after the black plague was not able anymore to keep up with us. Matthias tried to cleanse the boat of the remaining ones. The wind picked up to a steady 10-15kts and we sailed under main and poled out genoa rounding the Ohio Shoals heading north under fair skies.

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