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May 24 2007

Sluggish crew

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Position: 27.1993°N 80.2612°W     Stuart Florida

Log: 18

East winds persist. Carpe Diem‘s crew is feeling sluggish. We finish installing the windvane and go to Duffy’s Bar and Grill for happy hour. We have met three very friendly Europeans aboard an Endeavor 43 ketch, named Grazie Dio. The captain is German, Achim is his name. A shackle sticks through his left earlobe and his hair appears gale blown even in the the lightest of winds. A menacing, unidentifiable sea creature is strung around his neck. I would not be surprised if there were gills underneath his threadbare, sun-bleached, salt-crusted piny. He grins and his shoulders shake like a boy who has just pulled off a brilliant prank. Jonas, the owner of Grazie Dio, has the appearance of a rugged catalogue model. He is full of frank opinions, brimming with life and lovely to talk to. Julia, Jonas’ girlfriend has a rare and odd but definite beauty. She seems to love to cook and she cooks well. She is anything but timid. She is warm and motherly. We have become good friends with them all.

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