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Jul 16 2005

My very own new home

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Today I finally got to pick up my Argosy 26′ travel trailer in New Jersey which I bought a couple of weeks ago. The whole thing is made from aluminum and is so light that you can maneuver by hand. So it is the perfect match for my small Chevrolet Astro van. I was able to go 65 mph on the Turnpike easily.Newly aquired 1974 Argosy travel trailer

Right now it will be parked in Kinderhook New York at a storage facility and I will do some upgrading. The linoleum flooring is going to be replaced with hardwood parquet and the bath floor will be tiled. Then there will be some modification to the dining area so that it will accommodate a generously sized desk.

Anyway I am a happy home owner now.

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Jul 08 2005

Florida has to wait

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Ananda pointing Matson’s chimney in Becket MassachusettsIt is hard to turn all that well paying work down in the Berkshires so I asked Colin at Mack Sails if I can start later in October rather than July.

Ananda and I are also enjoying some brick projects of otherwise mostly tile work. She is a really big help and I enjoy every minute with her. I’m looking forward to my new existence in Florida with mixed emotions.

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