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May 09 2005

Drastic changes are on the horizon

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New glassesNot only that I decided to finally get new glasses, no it had to get a new life too.

Right now I am in Stuart Florida helping my friend Günter fixing up his apartment. Since their apartment complex is right on the Saint Lucie river I decided to bring the sailboat from Kinderhook. That was a great idea because “The Green Gecko” on the Saint Lucie Riverthis is a dream come true especially compared to the puffy winds on Stockbridge Bowl back home. So I’m enjoying a sail everyday and the other day Günter and I went sailing on the Saint Lucie river and we managed to tear the starboard shroud. Luckily we were able to make it home on a starboard tack. After looking up a rigger in the phone book I went there to get a replacement for the broken shroud. Mack Sails was able Capn Mattto make up a new one within a couple of days. Picking up the new shroud at their shop I noticed that it was rather disorganized and I couldn’t help asking if they needed some help. First I was not really serious about it but after talking to Travis, one of the owners, for a while I was supposed to come back next morning to talk to Colin who needed help in the rigging department. Next morning I was basically hired on the spot. I ended up spending 3 days working at Mack Sails and promised to return in July. Wow!

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